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Administrative Assistant
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Organizational Structure

Ridgeview Mennonite Church encourages worship, education, mission, and healthy community life through its organizational structure and the way leadership groups relate within the congregation's structure. To learn more about Anabaptist/Mennonite beliefs click here.

The Ministry Team, consisting of pastors and lay ministers of each commission, provides leadership to congregational life.

  • Gives spiritual oversight and direction to the congregation
  • Discerns the spiritual needs of the congregation
  • Helps develop and keep focus on congregational vision

The congregation is organized around five commissions, Worship, Christian Formation, Community Life, Mission, and Administration, which are each lead by a lay minister. All congregational members are invited to serve on a commission: some serve due to specific roles they hold, others due to interest in the specific ministry.

The Team Congregation Relations Committee nurtures the relationship between the congregation and Ministry Team. The committee serves as a conduit for communication between the Ministry Team and the congregation for regular reviews and in the event of concerns.

Congregational leadership roles are filled through a congregational discernment process.

In our worship, education, mission, community life and administration, we want to learn and share together God's love with all creation.

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